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Alex Cahill Fitness

Hello and thanks for visiting my website!

I became a Personal Trainer in 2014 after spending a number of years working in the corporate sector. A career change for the better!

I started training clients in Wandsworth (where I live) and soon built up a strong client base of local people, many of whom still train with me after all these years!

My style is welcoming, friendly, and encouraging as most people that come to me are beginners or are just getting back into some sort of fitness routine. I combine my deep experience in designing exercise programs with a friendly and conversational approach which puts my clients at ease from very early on.

My workouts are highly varied so you never get bored. My range of modern equipment allows me incorporate many different exercises into each session ensuring you get the most rounded workout program possible.

I am now a Dad in my 40s so my client base is people in their 40s/50s/60s and beyond but I have also trained many younger clients along the way!

I train clients either in my indoor studio on East Hill or Outdoors on Wandsworth Common/Spencer Park when the weather is fine. Clients can choose where they wish to train.

Check out my google reviews to see what my clients say about me. You can also contact me at for an informal chat or to ask any questions.

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