Belgrave Premium Dry Cleaning

Belgrave Premium Dry Cleaning
Location: Westminster
Business Category: Laundrette
Address: 43 Horseferry Rd, London SW1P 2AA
Phone Number: +442075929292

We care about your clothes; we care about the environment & we care about our customers, and the service that we provide

Contrary to its name, ‘dry cleaning’ does not in fact mean that the clothes remain dry in the process of being cleaned.Dry cleaning is a process in which your items are cleaned in a liquid that is actually a dry solvent, which means that there is no moisture in it. It is therefore called dry cleaning not because of the absence of liquid but because of the absence of moisture.

The process of professional wet cleaning uses water-based solvents that are typically non- toxic and generally don’t include chemicals. While wet cleaning often takes more skill and equipment to wash clothes versus traditional dry cleaning, many clothes that can safely be “dry” cleaned can also be wet cleaned by a professional cleaner.

For many years dry cleaners have used an array of different solvents, however environmental concerns have resulted in the production of more eco-friendly products. Here at Belgrave Dry Cleaners, we have been early adopters of transforming our business to incorporate best practices, to lessen our impact upon the planet. One aspect in particular is that we now use Sensene© which is based on a modified alcohol formulation that is inherently biodegradable and has a low aquatic toxicity and is therefore an environmentally responsible textile dry cleaning solution.


We have recently completed several processes of incorporating environmentally friendly products into our cleaning systems and continue to search for the most effective recyclable materials from our supply chains. At all our premises we have replaced our transportation fleet to electric only vans, and have implemented all LED lighting in our stores and factory and installed new triple A+ machinery in our production facilities, in order to reduce our overall energy consumption.


It is an unfortunate inevitability that over time through general wear and tear, and various cleaning processes, that items will perish in one way or another. Clothing is affected by many products which may not be obvious, however, deodorants, perfume & sun creams are the most damaging, and as a result will cause irreversible colour fading and weakens the fabrics. As a reputable company, we take the upmost care, with all items left in our charge, and use the most sophisticated machines available, endeavouring to return all items in the best possible condition.

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