Cars from Japan

Cars from Japan
Location: City of London
Business Category: Cars
Address: 128 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX
Phone Number: +447825617787

One dining table, 3 passionate hearts, and one connected dream of reinventing the experience of car buying and selling worldwide. Those were all what it took for our three founders, Enam, Derek and Lan to start CAR FROM JAPAN. All of them left their well paid jobs in Japan, fancy corporate lives and social comfort, only to start this adventurous journey.

When we started, we dug deep into what was happening. There were many sad and blood-boiling stories that made our determination towards this mission unbreakable. There were buyers who received a different car than what was displayed on some websites. Many were over charged because they could not compare prices among suppliers. And worst of all, some paid for a car and it never arrived.

On the other hand, many good and authentic Japanese suppliers could not reach out to buyers. These were great companies that are honest and capable of real Japanese quality cars and services. They just did not have the language capability, international business experience. Additionally, they lacked the technological advancements and online marketing capability needed to make this work in an efficient way.


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