Healthcare Management Trust

Healthcare Management Trust
Location: Westminster
Business Category: Healthcare
Address: 14 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AA
Phone Number: +442072221177

The Healthcare Management Trust (HMT) is a registered charity delivering not for profit health and social care within England and Wales. The charity operates a number of independent planned surgical care hospitals as well as care of the older person homes in addition supporting other charities within the social care sector who together operate a further 340 social care beds.

We actively work in partnership with local authorities, the NHS and other charities to improve the health and care of the populations within the geographical communities HMT is based.

Perhaps the greatest public health challenges facing our society today is the impact of an aging population, therefore we have made the aging process and dementia the focus of our wider charitable work, partnering with organisations and academic institutions already working in the field to financially support the valuable research and educational work they do.

Our financial surpluses are therefore currently directed towards funding community services targeting loneliness and improving mobility in the older person, providing grant funding for pure and applied dementia research grants as well as promoting a whole life approach to healthy lifestyles.

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