Samet Zili Hairdresser

Samet Zili Hairdresser
Location: Westminster
Business Category: Hairdressers
Address: 7 Artillery Row, London SW1P 1RH
Phone Number: +447464684420

Samet Zili’s; His childhood, education and the first years of the hairdressing profession were spent in Izmir.

He started his apprenticeship in the hair design industry in İzmir Alsancak when he was only 13 years old. Samet Zili: “The best way to learn a profession is through apprenticeship, a person who is not an apprentice cannot be a master” as his principle and started hairdressing from the lowest level of the industry.

Her hairdressing career, which started early, continued during her high school years. After the classes, he devoted himself to his work during the summer holidays, that is, in every spare time. His talent in apprenticeship and his love for hair design accelerated Samet Zili’s growth in the hairdressing industry. in Izmir; He was entitled to receive the certificates of apprenticeship training center, journeyman, mastership and then teaching. He went to the hairdressing school and learned the theoretical knowledge in the best way.

Samet Zili, who completed his hair health specialist (Trichologist) training in France, trained himself in the field of hairdressing, The famous hairdresser Zili, who has many hair-related certificates, diplomas and awards, has dedicated his life to this profession. Samet Zili; He lives in London and he has a solid client base including celebrities

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