The Kensington Photographer

The Kensington Photographer
Location: Kensington & Chelsea
Business Category: Photography & Design
Address: 14 Holland Park Rd, London W14 8LZ
Phone Number: +442074594419

The Kensington Photographer would like to introduce the TKP Team.


A passionate and professional team of wedding photographers and videographers.

Spanning decades of knowledge and experience within the Wedding Industry.

One of the most important and crucial key factors of The Kensington Photographer Team is to create the same look and style with regards to our images. In order to create ‘uniformity of image’ we combine a multitude of factors:

Internal workshops – to discuss our candid style and approach to wedding photography and videography, new techniques and technology, and advancement of photography and videography, and the overall look. With a combination of decades of wedding photography & videography experience, The TKP Team workshops provide the ultimate platform for The TKP Team to brainstorm synergistically. TThis setting is a hotbed for creativity, comradery and community; thus producing what we believe to be, the ultimate wedding photography & videography Team to benefit you the customer.
In-house editors – we also have a dedicated full time team of editors to ensure the final look is congruent across the board. This also enables our Express 14 day turnaround of image to be achieved and delivered, in the form our your wedding photography gallery and videos.
Unique Filter – The Kensington Photographer owns its own unique filter. With a combination of application, consisting of technical image enhancement and filter subtle colouring, the ultimate artistic look is uniquely achieved.

In conclusion, regardless of whichever of our TKP Team member is selected for you, you can be assured of a Candid Style approach and uniformity of image.


Our Philosophy is “Great images, Great Attitude”

Photographer, Nationwide

Mick is still as excited to immerse and get involved in the whole excitement and joy of weddings, and wedding photography. He has the ability to appear when needed, and to be stealth like to capture those moments when people don’t even realised they are being photographed, which he believes produces the most natural looking images and emotions.

Photographer, Midland Regions

Paul’s candid style of wedding photography is supported by his approach to photography, grounded in both the study of photography and his years as a photographer. His passion to capture the ultimate picture within its natural context is second to none; benefiting all newly weds that desire natural images to transpire from their special day. Eliciting a spectrum of emotions, Paul aims to produce a wedding day story in image, that can be cherished and shared forever.

Photographer, Northern Regions

Being a wedding photographer has been Penny’s passion for many years. ‘I love that through my lens I get the chance to participate and play an important part in the couples special day. By capturing emotions and creating memories through my artistry I tell your story. Taking pictures is fulfilling but what excites me more is to encapsulate the couples bliss. My purpose is to make your special day unforgettable.’

Photographer, Northern regions

Martin is crazy about special moments, he loves capturing the energy these things stoke up, seeing them through his lens and telling the story. Each project for him is unique and interesting. His aim is to give you fresh, honest, vibrant images that are as unique as you are.
He’s not a ninja but I will blend into the crowd while documenting your epic day or give you a little gentle direction while we’re out at portraits, but in the end he just wants you to be you.

Videographer / Photographer, London & Southern regions

Mike started investing his time into videography/photography around 10 years ago and since then it has become the way of his life. ‘I feel crazy lucky that I do this as a job, as this is my passion and absolutely don’t mind putting extra effort and hours to produce stunning results. Being able to make a married couple happy with photographs/videos I produced is absolutely incredible, nothing beats that feeling. On your special day I am fully dedicated as it is not just my job, it’s my passion.’

Videographer, London & Southern regions

Alex has been exploring his love of videography for over 10 years. His passion lies in digital storytelling – engaging the senses, capturing the emotions behind a moment and showcasing the beauty that lies in the details, resulting in uniquely beautiful and emotive videos that add value to people’s lives. He prides himself in understanding the needs of his clients and in his attention to detail, through which he his able to create high-quality videos in his characteristic bright and cinematic style.

Photographer, Nationwide

As a professional documentary wedding photographer, my goal is to capture the candid moments of a wedding day as they naturally unfold. With over 300 weddings successfully documented, I have developed a style that embraces the authenticity and genuine emotions of each couple’s special day. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a wedding photographer is witnessing the sheer happiness that radiates from my clients. It brings me immense joy to know that my unwavering commitment and passion for photography contribute to their peace of mind on such a significant occasion.

Videographer, Midlands & Northern regions

Dennis has a real eye for detail and the ability to capture those moments that the you and your guests look back on in amazement and joy; those moments that you either were unaware of, or those moments you are so happy that was caught on film. Dennis likes to take a somewhat stealth approach to his videography, blending into the background when ever possible to capture those candid natural moments, but when needed will direct you for the best shot.

Photographer, Midland regions

James is a lover of the candid’s; the moments between the moments. He’s always looking for the tears, love and laughter that come from the emotion of your day. James aim is to create a wedding gallery that is personal to you, and each time you look through it for you to feel like you’re there once again. Every detail is important, from your shoe laces to the icing on the cake. James will make sure you’ll remember it all forever.

Photographer / Videographer, London & Southern regions

Even though John has more than 10 years of wedding photography & videography experience, he still gets the same thrill and excitement before every wedding, whether that be large or small.

John’s aim is to capture and immortalise your special day; encompassing all emotions, tears, laughter, kisses, hugs and love.

John prides himself on his professionalism, determination and dedication, and can also be both stealth like when capturing those candid moments, and directional when the situation requires for the classic group shots.
Being versatile, flexible and passionate, also enables Joe to deliver the best wedding gallery you can ask for.

Creative & Social Media

Egle is behind those beautiful TKP instagram posts and inspiring stories. She is our ‘go to’ person with ‘everything style, visuals and aesthetics’.

“I ‘love’ and ‘like’ with my eyes :). Instagram is like a rabbit’s hole we all find ourselves lost in. I believe that if we consistently read books, travel to see what the world has to offer, take in art, architecture, colour and texture, fashion & style, scroll the Instagram’s of designers and people that intrigue us– we will remain curious, interesting and interested, and inspired to seek more.”

Enquiries & Bookings

Jason – he’s our admin and booking guy. He’s your point of contact for communication and correspondence up until the time of your special day and thereafter. He liaises between you and the TKP team to make sure all preparation and requirement needs are attended to.




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